Roger Cassell

Roger Cassell is President and CEO of Communications Electronics’ (CE) and a member of the Communications Electronics Executive Committee.  He is also a member of the Motorola Service Advisory Committee and Board Member of the Eastern Division of Motorola Service Shops Association (EDMSSA).

As President of CE since 1996, Roger is responsible for the company’s strategy and corporate operation. His responsibilities include ensuring that all aspects of the company are managed effectively including: sales, operations and production, Human Resources/Labor Relations, Finance/Accounting, Marketing, Information Systems, Contracts, Legal issues, Contract acquisitions, strategic and organizational growth and development.

In addition to his leadership role at CE, Roger is a Board Member of the Independent Can Company, Board Member of the Baltimore County Foundation, Director of Farmers and Merchants Bank, Managing Member of Cassell Group, Managing Member of 1924 Group, Managing Member of 1955 Group, co-owner of Revonah Bakery, co-owner of Club 2000 and co-owner of LCB Limited.

Roger is very active with the community and giving back. He is a co-founder of Nothings Wasted, a non-profit that supports digging wells in India and active in numerous other charitable causes.

Glenn Cassell

Glenn D. Cassell founded Communications Electronics, Inc. (CE) in 1976 along with two co-founders.  Operations first began in Fowblesburg, Maryland where Glenn purchased the original Farmers & Merchants bank building. By 1984, when CE moved to Deereco Road in Timonium, the co-founders had left the business. It was at this time CE had the opportunity to start in the cellular business and Glenn took advantage of the new technology he thought would bring significant change to the industry.

Glenn filled many roles in the radio business after getting his first exposure through the US Army working in the electronic fusing system of the atomic bomb. Glenn’s electronic training took place in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Glenn said “it was an eye-opening experience for a farm boy from Maryland!” After the Army and farm work as a laborer, machinery salesman and milk production and bottling manager, Glenn took additional schooling to move into Radio Service Tech, Installer and later Salesperson, Manager, President, Vice President, with other organizations before becoming President, CEO, and Chairman of CE.

Glenn shared, “I have not always been the best at any job I’ve had, but I have been able to associate/ hire people who have shored up my weaknesses.  Somehow I have been able to foresee where to concentrate our resources to keep the company growing.  Above all, I hired and associated with ethical people.”

Glenn’s work history includes working for Dimora Farms, Swissvale Dairy, Wertz Garage, Cambridge Manufacturing, Wrights Radio, North Carroll Communications and Maryland Communications.

Glenn’s community and board memberships have included: President of Hampstead PTA, Chairman of North Carroll H.S. Building Committee, Farmers & Merchants Bank Director & Chairman of the Board, Chairman of the Board of Piney Branch Golf Course, President of Free State Golf Association along being very active in his church.

Glenn’s hobbies include a love of golf, which include lifelong golf friends, a great business tool.  God has always been important and family is extremely important to Glenn.  Glenn lives by “The best thing you, or any of us can do for our family is to give them a good example”.

Glenn Lesley

As Chief Operations Officer (COO) and a member of Communications Electronics’ (CE) Senior Management Team, Glenn Lesley drives differentiation from competitors by leveraging his strong understanding of Communications Electronics vision and insight into marketplace opportunities. As such, he is responsible for all program planning, organizing, engineering, operating and associated staffing. Glenn is also responsible for developing, implementing, and managing the annual budget and maintaining CE’s strategic plan.

Glenn is a senior executive with broad hands-on financial management and analysis background. Although skilled in operations, he possesses the ability to identify and exploit opportunities to maximize ROI and create a shareholder value. His leadership strength emerged early in his career as he led numerous business units for AMERICOM. During his tenure, Glenn launched several national business units. After that he launched and managed three additional locations. These accomplishments, coupled with his strong ability to motivate individuals, set the groundwork for taking the organization through rapid growth.

Glenn holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from University of Maryland, University College. In addition, Glenn has been a member of VISTAGE since 2012.

Glenn served in the United States Air Force (USAF) where he was a Big Brother in Biloxi, MS and assisted with renovations at PACH Hall and was recognized by the Mayor for his contributions to the community. Through the years he has supported the Special Olympics and Boy Scouts of America. When he isn’t with his two children and working, he spends time playing golf and watching movies.

Michael Cassell

As the Chief Technology Officer for Communications Electronics’ (CE) Wireless Network Services solutions and strategy, Michael is responsible for ensuring the company’s vision embraces emerging wireless solutions and for positioning the company to offer turnkey solutions to meet our wide-ranging customers’ needs.

Since receiving his BSEE degree from the University of Maryland, Michael has more than 25 years of experience in the wireless industry. After graduation he joined LCC, a consulting firm providing services to mobile network operators, advancing to Principal Engineer and later as a Senior Manager of Engineering.  While at LCC he was directly involved in the build-out of systems including those for Optus (Australia), Pac-Bell (California), NextWave (New York), and Telefort (The Netherlands) as well as expansions for many international operators.  Michael then served as a Director of Business Development at Aether Systems, providing data mobility solutions to enterprise customers.  While at Aether Michael focused on key accounts including RIM, Siebel Systems and SBC.

Since re-joining CE in 2002, Michael has served in various roles including Business Development and VP of Engineering.  He founded the Engineering team at CE and has developed it into a key piece of CE’s turnkey solutions strategy, and was the driving force behind CE’s expansion into in-building solutions, wireless networking, and Engineering Services.  Michael is a member of CE’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee.

A father of five, Michael is a volunteer coach for soccer, basketball and lacrosse.  He has also served as a Deacon for Crossroads Community Church and is currently the Chairman of the Board for the church.

Scott Cassell

As Vice President and CTO of Communications Electronics Inc. (CE), Scott Cassell is responsible for establishing and supporting the company’s technical vision. Other responsibilities include but are not limited to: contract support, technical support at all levels, communication system design and installer/technician development.

Scott has been with CE since its startup in 1976 and has filled many roles such as installer, Road Technician, Shop technician, Tower mechanic, Shop Manager, Director of Services and the current position of CTO.

Outside of work Scott enjoys playing golf, softball, basketball and working on antique cars. He runs the North Carroll Softball League and is a managing partner of the 1955 Automotive Group.

Vicki Borders

As Vice President of Finance and Human Resources of Communications Electronics (CE), Vicki Borders is a strategic partner with all key business functions. As such, she assists in the planning and forecasting of future needs, manages projects and change, oversees employee relations and serves as an active member of CE’s Executive Committee and Senior Management. She is also responsible for maintaining and enhancing CE’s values by planning, implementing and evaluating finance and human resources policies, programs, and practices to meet required state and federal regulations.

Vicki is SHRM and HRCI certified as a Senior Certified Professional (SCP) and a Senior Practitioner for Human Resources (SPHR). In addition, Vicki is an official of integrity appointed by state government as a Notary Public.

Aside from being a part of the family business (CE) Vicki enjoys time with her family and friends, traveling and running outdoors. Vicki recently qualified for the 2018 Boston Marathon. Her faith is also a very important part of her life and is active in her church.

Kip Williams

As Director of Technology Sales and a member of Communications Electronics’ (CE) Senior Management Team and Executive Committee, Kip Williams is responsible for the achievement of 2 way radio and in-building wireless system metrics, sales targets and overall productivity and effectiveness of CE’s sales force talent. Kip is involved in planning, goal-setting, sales training and implementation, compensation design and recruiting and selection of CE’s sales team.

Kip has been in the wireless industry for most of his career and has worn many hats in sales and management. Previously, Kip served as the Vice President of Business Development with TESSCO Technologies for fifteen years. Having combined experiences of the Supply Chain of the wireless industry with TESSCO and the design/build side with CE, Kip has a very unique insight and understanding of customers’ needs.

Kip graduated from University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Political Science.

Aside from being active at Communications Electronics, Kip enjoys travel, skiing, photography and woodworking.