The Evolution of In-Building Public Safety Communications

Sharing this must read article by Joe Schmelzer of Connected Real Estate Magazine on the in’s and out’s of in-building public safety communications. Joe writes:

If your building is on fire or some other emergency is occurring onthe premises that threatens lives or property, you depend on a wellhoned and coordinated team of first responders to save the day. And they do. Read more:

Middleprise 2.0

How do you define Middleprise? Read this article by Scott Gregory of Connected Real Estate Magazine on the evolution of this term as the industry evolves:
Four years ago SOLiD started the MIDDLEPRISE discussion. Three years ago, the wireless industry joined the conversation and today the MIDDLEPRISE is talking MIDDLEPRISE. However, is it the same MIDDLEPRISE as three years ago? Well, yes and no.
Read more:

Landlording 2.0: Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Building’s Data?

We would like to share an informative article from Connected Real Estate Magazine by Urvashi Verma on maximizing data-driven technologies. Urvashi writes:

As the commercial real estate market faces tightening yields, the ability to maximize value from assets, equipment, tenants and occupants is becoming increasingly critical. Data-driven technologies are enabling landlords to derive maximum value from commercial real estate assets and create a completely new profitability paradigm for the commercial real estate industry. Read more: