Increasing Commercial Property Value with Wireless Networks

Here is an informative whitepaper by iGR on the benefits of wireless networks for commercial properties.

Outdoor cellular coverage and capacity has improved significantly in the last two decades, such that the majority of the population now relies on their smartphones for personal and business communication. Indeed, an entire generation has now grown up without using a landline telephone or wired Ethernet- cellular and Wi-Fi are all they know.

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Funding Wireless Communications Infrastructure In Office Buildings

We found an informative article written by Steven Reinhard of Connected Magazine. Steve writes:

Today, a well-known and highly cited statistic is that 80% or more of wireless calls originate indoors. Wireless communications are integral to how we live, work and play, and wireless networks and network connectivity have become the utility of the 21st century. No longer can owners of office buildings depend on reliable wireless coverage being provided by legacy outdoor towers or rooftop antennas. Today’s tenants view indoor wireless connectivity as essential to their ability to maintain an office and work, on par with electricity and climate control.

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Communications Electronics Joins the Safer Buildings Coalition

Communications Electronics (CE) is pleased to announce its recent membership with the Safer Buildings Coalition. As a leading in-building integrator in the Mid-Atlantic, CE is committed to providing reliable in-building connectivity for Public Safety and mobile phone communications.  Along with our Land Mobile Radio and Intelligent Transportation System divisions, we excel at providing reliable solutions for mission critical data and communications.

The Safer Buildings Coalition is an independent, not-for-profit organization providing thought leadership and education focused on advancing policies, ideas, and technologies that ensure effective in-building communications capabilities for public safety personnel and the people they serve.

The Safer Buildings Coalition focuses on ensuring that every manner of communication inside buildings that would be useful during an emergency is available and functions correctly, when and where needed:

  • Public must be able to dial 911 and be quickly and accurately located
  • Mass Notification Texts must be received
  • First Responder Communications, Including Land Mobile Radio and Smartphone / Cellular enabled services, must function where and when needed

“Safer Buildings Coalition relies on industry leaders like Communications Electronics to provide best of breed subject matter expertise to our work efforts”, said John Foley, General Manager for the Safer Buildings Coalition. “We are enormously grateful for the commitment and support of our members, and we are very excited to have access to the unique skill sets and knowledge that Communications Electronics offers our Community of Practice.”

Michael Cassell, CE’s In-Building CTO adds “We are so excited to partner with the Safer Buildings Coalition simply because we share a common mission – to connect people in the moments that matter.  Partnering with the Coalition allows us to work with like-minded organizations to use current wireless communications technologies to serve our communities. We look forward to working with Safer Buildings Coalition and all of our partners to make a difference for emergency responders.”

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