Some of the benefits you will receive when you choose Communications Electronics as your DAS provider are:

  • Carrier Acceptance – Communications Electronics has established relationships with all of the major wireless carriers currently in the market. When we build your system we make sure that the design is approved by the carrier to ensure that all stakeholders involved are in agreement with the integrity and viability of the design.
  • Turnkey Service – Our In-Building Solutions Team will design, install and commission a turnkey distributed antenna system solution complete and ready to operate.
  • RF Engineers on Staff – Communications Electronics employs full-time RF engineers to design your distributed antenna system. They hold all of their industry certifications and use top of the line RF CAD software to build a state of the art, DAS solution customized to your building layout.
  • Maintenance and Support – We understand that at times there can be issues with the functionality of the equipment. To help give you some peace of mind with your DAS system Communications Electronics recommends a maintenance contract to ensure the optimum performance of your system.

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