iBwave Design is the most comprehensive software available for automated network design planning. Streamline the process of data collection, component selection, cost evaluation, design, validation, documentation, reporting and more. Significantly reduce the time spent on manual field work and increase cost savings.

About iBwave Solutions

iBwave is the power behind great in-building wireless experience, enabling billions of end users and devices to connect inside a wide range of venues. As the global industry reference, our software solutions allow for smarter planning, design, and deployment of any wireless network project regardless of size, complexity or technology. Along with innovative software, we are recognized for world-class support in 90 countries, providing the industry’s most comprehensive components database and a well-established certification program.

More power to the end user

Ultimately it’s the end user who benefits from iBwave’s capabilities. We strive to improve the everyday communication experience. We work behind the scene to keep you connected inside a host of venues. So there is a good chance that you have experienced the power of iBwave when making that call inside a subway tunnel, posting those live concert pics on social media or tweeting from a crowded stadium.

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