SOLiD TECHNOLOGIES is a leading provider of advanced distributed antenna systems (DAS). SOLiD has delivered over 62,000 systems and employ over 60 engineers, with almost half holding their advanced degrees, to design their products to precise standards resulting in the highest quality and most functional system available anywhere in the world.

SOLiD Is Answering The Demand For Powerful, Wireless Coverage Across Markets, Segments And The Globe.

As wireless connectivity continues to define itself as the very fabric of communication, it’s no wonder that key market segments have chosen to focus on or even define themselves through this enabling technology. It’s also no wonder that SOLiD solutions are the key to usher in this new era of connectivity. From healthcare to public safety and hospitality, the value that a SOLiD solution brings is common across every market — a high-performance, cost-effective, secure and scalable solution.

SOLiD solutions deliver a scalable easy to deploy system well-suited for maximum performance when it is most needed. These applications include cellular services, paging, WiFi and two-way radio, all in a single system. These, in turn, provide the backbone for clinician communication including voice and data transmission, RFID, public safety communication including support of interoperability. The system is also easily expandable for important future technologies such as LTE-based applications.

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